What Makes Fetch® Special?

Fetch® pet tags are smart, simple, and stylish. Made of silicone, these pet tags are designed with you, the pet parent, in mind. There are many features and benefits to Fetch® smart pet tags that make our product a leading pet tag device on the market.

  • Durable

    Silicone pet tags are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand various outdoor conditions, including water, mud, and rough play, without losing their shape or readability.

  • Lightweight & Comfortable

    Silicone tags are lightweight, making them comfortable for pets to wear. They don't add unnecessary weight or cause discomfort, ensuring that pets can move freely without irritation.

  • Noiseless

    Silicone tags are virtually silent. Unlike traditional metal tags that can create jingling noises when pets move, silicone tags are noise-free. This feature is particularly useful for pets that are easily startled or sensitive to sound.

  • Battery-Free

    Unlike Bluetooth trackers, Fetch® smart tags are battery-free, which means you can enjoy infinite use of the tag and app without needing to remove and recharge.

  • Customizable

    Silicone pet tags often come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for customization. Pet owners can choose from various designs, fonts, and symbols to create a unique tag that reflects their pet's personality.

  • Easy to Clean

    Silicone tags are easy to clean with water and mild soap, ensuring that they remain hygienic and free from dirt or bacteria buildup. This feature is beneficial for maintaining the tag's visibility and readability over time.

  • Fade Resistant

    Silicone tags are typically fade-resistant, meaning the engraved information remains clear and legible even with prolonged exposure to sunlight or outdoor elements. This ensures that the tag remains effective for long-term pet identification.

  • Safe & Hypoallergenic

    Silicone is a hypoallergenic material, making it safe for pets with sensitive skin or allergies. It doesn't cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, providing added comfort and peace of mind.

  • Cost-Effective

    Silicone pet tags are often more affordable than traditional metal tags. They offer a budget-friendly option for pet owners without compromising on durability and functionality.

  • Waterproof

    Silicone tags are waterproof, which makes caring for your Fetch® tag even easier without the worry of damaging the technology, and makes them perfect for your water-loving or mud-rolling adventurous pup.

  • Subscription-Free

    No subscription is needed to buy or operate Fetch® smart tags. Your product will be operational for its lifetime without extra expenses or fees!

  • Smart & Digital

    Fetch® silicone tags are compatible with many smart phone models (Google, Samsung, Android, iPhone) and use the same NFC technology that you use to pay with your phone — with a simple tap.

    How it Works

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