Meet Fetch®

The durable, smart pet tag that never needs charging.


A whole different animal.

Unlike those Bluetooth trackers, Fetch® tags don’t require batteries or charging. There’s no subscription and no need for an app when someone finds your pet.

Digital details.

Provide instant access to you and your pet's bio, social links, safety info and your contact details with just a tap from a smartphone.

Meaningful moments.

Throwing the tennis ball? Walking the trail? Check-in with family and friends to let them know what you're both up to.

Find my owner.

Connect a Fetch® pet tag to ensure people can return your most prized possessions.

Fetch® is designed, developed, and packaged by LIFEKEY® in Wyoming, U.S.A.
Fetch, Lifekey, and Tap OS are registered trademarks of Lifekey, Inc.